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Supports optimal brain function*

  • Supports visual and hearing health
  • A great alternative to ginkgo biloba
  • Promotes healthy cognitive and neurological function
  • Improves the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the brain

AOR’s Vinpo-15 is vinpocetine, which is a modified alkaloid compound originally found in the periwinkle plant (also known as Vinca minor) that helps support brain function and cognitive health. Our formula works to improve brain metabolism by increasing cerebral microcirculation and the delivery of glucose and oxygen across the blood-brain barrier while increasing ATP  (cellular energy) synthesis.

The human brain is the most complex and important organ in the body, as it is responsible for our memories, thinking, learning, actions, reactions, feelings, and numerous other vital functions. It has the capacity to generate about 23 watts of power when awake and it uses 20% of the blood in our body. Brain health is crucial for our health in general. In fact, as per an AARP study, brain health is the second most important element in maintaining health as we age. With the brain at the center of our body functions, it is no surprise that keeping it sharp and properly functioning is vital for our overall health.

Vinpocetine provides benefits similar to those of ginkgo biloba in that both help support blood flow as well as oxygen and nutrient delivery to the brain. However, unlike ginkgo, vinpocetine doesn’t reduce blood flow elsewhere in the body. It has been suggested that vinpocetine can directly increase ATP levels in red blood cells, which promotes optimal energy levels in the brain.

AOR Advantage

AOR’s Vinpo-15 is an excellent choice for those looking to support their memory and brain function as they age, currently supplementing with Ginkgo biloba, and who are particularly concerned with ginkgo’s blood-thinning effects.

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£26.96£29.96 (-10%)

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