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Tranquil Sleep Tri-Essence™ Power Blend helps overcome restless sleep, spasms and tremors. Not just for sleep, this blend balances the limbic system for emotional well-being and can be used during the day to relieve anxiety.

  • Sedating
  • Relaxing
  • Awaken refreshed & clear

Tranquil Sleep has a soothing, comforting influence and a subtle, aromatic, floral flavor. Thank goodness it’s not just for sleeping, because it has so much to offer in daily life. The ingredients in the formula have long been celebrated as anti-anxiety remedies.

One fascinating feature about the botanicals in this blend is that they all produce a state of relaxation and tension relief, but they don’t dull the senses or make a person sleepy during the day.

So if you have personal or professional stresses or unprocessed tension causing you grief during the day and then mental chatter keeping you from winding down at night, you will want to buy two bottles of this Tri-Essence””one for your pocket and another for the nightstand!

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$9.95$18.60 (-47%)

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