Probio-10 – Proprietary Shielded Probiotic Blend


Contains 5 Billion CFU with 10 functional strains of beneficial bacteria. 
Encapsulated in a Bio-VXR® capsule, a two-phase release capsule that protects the probiotics from stomach acid. 
Prebiotic and probiotic formula


Bio-Deisgn’s Probio-10 is encapsulated in a Bio-VXR® tablet to deliver 10 functional strains of beneficial bacteria to the small intestine, where the bacteria will best be utilized. With probiotics, it is not the size of the dose that counts, it is how much of that dose actually reaches its target, the small intestine, alive. Typically, greater than 95% of probiotic organisms in a standard capsule can be destroyed by stomach acid. This is because standard capsules are designed to disintegrate rapidly, exposing beneficial organisms to the acidic conditions of the stomach. Even acid-resistant capsules only protect up to 45 minutes, which is inadequate in most cases. Keeping a proper balance of diverse beneficial organisms in our gut microbiome is perhaps our greatest health asset. Our got microbiota harbors a complex community of over 1 trillion cells influencing physiology, metabolism, nutrition, immune function, and cognition. The delicate balance of this complex community is disrupted by chlorinated water, pesticides, and antibiotics in meat and milk. As our naturally occurring gut bacteria diminishes, pathogens begin to overpopulate and negatively affect our gut’s health. Probio-10, with Bio-VXR® encapsulation, delivers! 

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Probio-10 - Proprietary Shielded Probiotic Blend