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Supports neurological comfort

  • Helps to reduce cranial discomfort
  • Promotes a healthy inflammatory response in the brain
  • Reduces tension in the head and neck muscles

Migra-Manager provides symptomatic relief without the side effect of over-the-counter medications. This formula applies a multifactorial approach to managing cranial discomfort and contains feverfew, vinpocetine, and rosemary, combined with vitamin B2 in the form of riboflavin-5-phosphate, and magnesium citrate.

While triggers vary for each individual, for many who suffer from cranial discomfort, it is common to have tension in the muscles of the shoulders, head and neck, which restricts blood flow to the head. Vinpocetine is thought to increase blood flow specifically to the brain. Riboflavin improves energy production, which has been shown to reduce the frequency and severity of cranial discomfort and magnesium supplementation is important, as deficiencies in this mineral are correlated with frequent tension in the neck and head.

Studies show that magnesium supplementation in deficient individuals relaxed muscles, which may help reduce tension in the head and neck, improving blood flow and preventing the blood vessels from constricting. It is thought that feverfew has the same anti-constriction effects, while rosemary has traditionally been used for cranial discomfort, with scientific evidence of its symptomatic relief.

AOR’s Migra-Manager provides multifactorial support for a multi-faceted approach to a complex condition. The feverfew is extracted using CO2 instead of ethanol, which is the most effective, stable and safe method.

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60 capsules

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£31.46£34.96 (-10%)

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