Golden Shield

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Golden Shield Tri-Essence™ Power Blend utilizes high potency herbs and essential oils to fortify your immune system when faced with an attack from invasive organisms.

  • For colds & flu
  • Boosts immunity
  • Enhances lymphatic system

Golden Shield is a fortunate combination of some of the world’s most effective immune strengtheners, which work together to fortify your well-being. Whether your immune system is chronically susceptible to illness or just temporarily compromised, you will notice a new vigor and inner strength when you start to use this formula.

The aptly named Golden Shield can revitalize your body’s inner defenses and banish weakness like a valiant knight in shining armor armed with a shield of pure gold arising from within you to protect the vibrant health that you are meant to have.

After you try this Tri-Essence PowerBlend you will treasure your bottle as if every time it is opened, the hero from fairy tale fame arises from within you to vanquish all manner of cold, flu and cough.

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$10.85$24.50 (-56%)

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