fit@work stressbiotic


Characteristics: gluten-free, vegetarian
Applications: Fit at Work, Sleep, Mood & Cognitive Health, Stress Management


fit@work stressbioticThe gut-supporting solution for mental balance**Dietary SupplementStress influences the quality of life**Stress due to occupational stress not only reduces performance and health, but also the quality of life of the individual. In the long run, the bad mood that can creep in due to prolonged mental stress does not stop at private life and can even negatively influence interpersonal relationships.**Biogena fit@work stressbiotic – what is it?fit@work stressbiotic is designed to support mental balance, contribute to relaxation and lessen occasional stress. fit@work stressbiotic is based on the brand raw material ProbiostressTM supplemented by riboflavin and vitamin C, which support the function of the nervous system and the energy metabolism. ProbiostressTM combines the scientifically researched, probiotic strains Lactobacillus helveticus R0052 and Bifidobacterium longum R0175 with high-quality saffron extract. 3 billion of the reproductive bacteria are contained in one capsule, which can colonize the intestines and subsequently support relaxation and emotional well-being. The contained saffron is not only a valuable spice but is also traditionally used in the Orient to support relaxation and to maintain a good mood. With this innovative combination, fit@work stressbiotic offers the possibility of a natural countermeasure to occupational stress – so that you find your inner balance.**fit@work stressbioticBioavailable micronutrients of high quality ProbiostressTM is a trademark of Comercial Quimica Massó SA.

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fit@work stressbiotic