Dai Zhe Shi


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Name: Haematitum (代赭石)
Pinyin: Dai Zhe Shi
Pharm. Name: Haematitum







Pacify Liver and subdue yang, check the adverse rise of qi by heavy settling, cool blood, and stop bleeding.

Heart, Liver, Pericardium

9-30g 6-15g (Calcined) 1-3g (Pills and Powders)

It has actions of pacifying liver and subduing yang, also clears any excess liver heat. For liver and kidney yin deficiency with liver yang hyperactivity manifested as dizziness, dizzy vision, it is often combined with yang-subduing and yin-nourishing herbs. It can direct lung qi downward to stop dyspnea for its action of checking the adverse rise of qi by heavy settling. It can be used singly to treat dyspnea. Being bitter and cold and entering the liver, heart meridians, and blood system, it can be indicated for the upward adverse flow of qi and fire to stop the reckless movement of blood with the actions of cooling blood and stopping bleeding, also directing qi and fire downward.

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