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Body Regenerator Tri-Essence™ Power Blend accelerates the body’s natural healing processes. This deeply penetrating blend is designed to regenerate healthy muscle and nerve tissue. It also grounds and strengthens the spirit.

  • Pain-relieving
  • Speeds recovery of bruises and sprains
  • Soothes sore muscles

Accidents, traumatic life events and long illnesses leave the physiology depleted and in a state of weakness and distress. During and after recovery, one may feel shaky like a leaf in the wind-unbalanced, ungrounded and scattered.

This destabilization is natural and an inevitable effect of having the body’s integrity disrupted by the trauma, but it is important that the transition back to fully functioning in life is as smooth and speedy as possible.

Body Regenerator reduces trauma on physical, mental and emotional levels. It protects, strengthens and upholds the integrity of the physical and energetic bodies. This deeply healing blend also soothes sore muscles, inflammation, bruises and sprains.

Body Regenerator Tri-Essence PowerBlend is restorative, regenerating and pain-relieving, to the mind and body on three levels.

  • Physical level: Profoundly comforting when massaged into the tissues, Body Regenerator aids healing, reduces pain, accelerates complete recovery from injury, speeds healing from trauma and enhances the body’s flexibility and range of motion. Essential oils of Sandalwood, Atlas Cedar and Blue Yarrow, in addition to being emotionally stabilizing, have a body-toning effect that when massaged into the skin can reduce excess fluid and sluggish lymph, stimulating the body’s own purificatory process. Helichrysum helps with tissue regeneration.
  • Emotional level: The herbal extracts of Arnica, Calendula, St. John’s Wort and Helichrysum essential oil are known to have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body and a soothing influence on the mind.
  • Spiritual/consciousness level: Flower essences of Calendula, Arnica and St. John Wort help one’s soul to maintain a state of trusting, protected comfort that accompanies a body with strong energetic integrity.

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$8.95$19.00 (-53%)

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