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BLOOD PRESSURE / HYPERTENSION™ – Homeostasis – Blood pressure (BP) is the measure of the pressure exerted on arterial walls by the force (primarily) of the beating heart: its maximum with one beat (systolic, SBP) and minimum in between two beats (diastolic, DBP). A SBP of <120mmHg and DSP <80mmHg (< “120/80”) is ideal; 120/80 to 139/89 is considered “prehypertensive”; and anything above, high BP or hypertension. Sustained hypertension is detrimental to the cardiovascular system and over time, can lead to heart attack, stroke and a compromised life span.


While it can have a genetic origin, primarily high blood pressure is age-related or environmentally based – smoking, high sodium/low potassium foods, obesity, excessive alcohol use or a lack of exercise. Age and the environment cause the arterial walls to become less pliable, the heart to work harder and blood pressure to rise. Based on multiple studies, the ingredients in this formula help maintain blood pressure levels already within the normal range.

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$20.96$29.95 (-30%)

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