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  • Antiseptic
  • Tension relieving


Certified Organic Bergamot Essential Oil is a refreshing, citrus scent to uplift one’s mood, aid digestion & revitalize the body. It is so pleasant that it is used as a flavoring in foods & as a fragrance in fine cosmetics.


Bergamot is a unique, rare fruit with a treasure trove of positive qualities. Perhaps even above any of its therapeutic benefits, Bergamot is loved the most for its euphoric scent, which is the fragrant ingredient responsible for the unmistakable aroma of Earl Grey tea, and also the refreshing top note in the original Eau de Cologne. Bergamot Essential Oil is equally treasured for its mental benefits as well as its physical benefits.

Nervous system: Reduces anxiety and depression, calming the mind and reducing worries.

Digestive System: It is useful for relieving colic, flatulence and indigestion.

Skin care: Relieves skin conditions such as herpes, shingles, dermatitis, eczema and boils.

Genito-urinary system: Useful with infections of the urinary tract and bladder.

Respiratory system: Useful for tonsillitis, mouth infections, sore throat and halitosis.

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