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Promotes healthy cell immune function*

  • Promotes antibody production
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Clinically studied and developed in Japan

AOR’s AHCC® contains oligosaccharide extracted from mushrooms grown in rice bran. Since the late ’80s, when this method was developed in Japan, it has been used to help support immunity in an effective way. Oligosaccharide is a well-researched extract shown to be effective in highly vulnerable populations, making it a highly sought after immune-boosting supplement.

The human body is constantly exposed to bacteria and it depends on the immune system to help destroy harmful bacteria and stay healthy. In order to do that, the body needs to get the right nutrients on a consistent basis. Lack of consistency in maintaining a balanced diet, along with the demands of long hours of work, school, family commitments, and a lack of restful sleep can all diminish immunity.

A weakened immune system leaves the body susceptible to seasonal viruses and other ailments. Edible mushrooms are known for their nutritional properties. They contain different amounts of protein and fiber, along with vitamin B and selenium. Some mushrooms, such as shiitake mushrooms, have special properties that support the health of different systems in the human body.

AOR Advantage

AHCC® is a unique antioxidant and immune system modulator. AOR’s AHCC® contains one of the highest doses found on the market with the fewest additional ingredients. The active ingredients of AHCC® include acetylated alpha-glucan for optimal bioavailability.

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