Advanced Bone Protection

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Promotes healthy bone remodeling with MBP™*

  • A protein complex derived from bovine milk
  • Supports collagen production and calcium usage
  • Supports healthy bone growth and bone mineral density

AOR’s Advanced Bone Protection contains Milk Basic Protein (MBP™), an active protein complex derived from whey, which has been shown to promote the activity of and collagen production within the bone cells to help the body better retain bone mineral density. Advanced Bone Protection helps bones retain calcium and use it more effectively. Studies indicate that MBP™ supports bone growth while also helping to retain bone-mineral density. Advanced Bone Protection does not contain calcium and does not replace calcium; it helps the body make an effective use of calcium while promoting an increase in collagen production.

Building and maintaining healthy, strong bones is crucial because our bones have many important roles in the body. They protect our organs, serve as anchors for our muscles, give us structure, and store calcium. For adults over age 30, however, it becomes harder to grow new bone mass just as bone mass loss accelerates. But there are steps we can take to protect our bone health. In addition to a diet that includes enough calcium, consuming a vitamin D supplement to help the body absorb calcium and engaging in regular weight-bearing exercises are good practices for keeping our bones healthy. However, as we age, we might need to add other supplements that can add to an already healthy routine as a way to give our bones the best support.

AOR Advantage

AOR’s Advanced Bone Protection formula offers premium support for bone health and bone-mineral density while promoting collagen production and calcium usage. The MBP™ in Advanced Bone Protection from AOR™ comes in small, convenient capsules that can be taken with or without food, are easy to swallow, and have no known negative interactions with calcium or other nutrients.

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Advanced Bone Protection

£12.48£24.96 (-50%)

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