Active Green Tea

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High-potency green tea extract*

  • Potent green tea leaf extract
  • High in epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG)
  • Equivalent to 10 cups of true high-EGCG Sencha green tea
  • Longevity-promoting antioxidant

Active Green Tea is beneficial for people who are looking for powerful antioxidant protection, and support for healthy, normal cellular growth and development. Our formula contains a high-potency extract of green tea that contains large amounts of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg), believed to be the key phytonutrient in green tea and responsible for its health benefits. Studies consistently report seeing health benefits when drinking 10 cups, per day, of high-EGCg sencha-style Japanese green tea. Each cup of this tea contains 150mg of EGCg.

Green tea has long been used for nutritional support because of its strong antioxidant powers. However, to reap its benefits, a person needs to drink large amounts of it every day. The Japanese seem to have discovered this long ago, as the citizens of Japan boast the longest average lifespan in the world and research suggests that consuming high amounts of their world-renowned sencha green tea may contribute to that.

There is evidence that people who consume large amounts of Japanese sencha green tea have fewer heart problems and liver disorders, healthier cholesterol levels, and are generally better protected from today’s most common afflictions. Many people also use green tea extracts for their metabolism-boosting effects.

AOR Advantage

In three capsules, AOR’s Active Green Tea formula provides the equivalent of 10 cups of sencha green tea, the amount research has shown to be associated with the greatest health benefits.

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£26.96£29.96 (-10%)

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