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  • Platinum formula has a total of 12 different active enzymes plus 2 vital heat-stable probiotics that complement & help protect the immune system – with this formula there’s nothing you can’t eat
  • The platinum formula is the solution for individuals with a vigorous, active lifestyle, a physically demanding job, individuals who eat more animal proteins and those who are recovering from an illness
  • Its super digestive blend breaks down all food groups and maximizes nutrient absorption from consumed food
  • It also helps alleviate digestive disturbances such as gas, bloating and acid indigestion
  • Active enzymes are necessary for things like tissue repair & metabolism, and they help to protect us by controlling certain responses relating to food allergies, high cholesterol, psoriasis, tumors, and may other problems.
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As we age enzyme production drops off rapidly (usually starting after age 20) in fact by the time we’re 50, we’ve lost more than half – this leads to problems with digestion, energy, food intolerance & other health problems. Like it or not, every day, our enzyme levels are dropping. 

We need to supplement the enzymes we’ve lost & get back to eating what we want & feeling good!

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60 vegcaps

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£17.99£29.99 (-40%)

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