• Sleep

    There are three basic phases of consciousness – wakeful, rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and non-REM (NREM) sleep  – that occur in 5 stages: Stage 1 (drowsy, partially awake), Stage 2 (light sleep), Stages 3&4 (deep sleep) and Stage 5 (REM) and each stage is associated with different types of  brainwaves.   When awake and alert, fast beta brainwaves predominate but with relaxation and sleep, the slower alpha then delta and finally theta (very deep sleep) waves come into play. Anything that affects this pattern – environmental, age or organic in origin – will disrupt the natural circadian cycle (the body’s internal clock) with associated consequences.

    The ingredients in AC Grace’s Sleep formula are based on currently available data (primarily human clinical trials) and each in the amounts scientifically supported to positively affect different phases of the sleep-wake cycle.