Due to a variety of reasons, such as nutrition, environment, stress or even normal age related cognitive decline (as we get older we tend to forget things), the brain may not perform at its optimal capacity.

    Get Smart™ was designed for as a comprehensive approach to complete cerebral health.  Based on the latest  research, using ingredients in doses found effective in published clinical trials,  Get Smart represents the latest research specific to healthy brain functioning.


  • UNIQUE Vitamin D3 ™ – 5,000 I.U.

    Vitamin D3 capsules supply a high-potency amount of naturally derived vitamin D, called D3. This fat soluble vitamin occurs naturally in only a few foods, thus is often fortified in milk and other products.

  • UNIQUE Vitamin K2 ™

    Vitamin K has long been recognized as an important fat soluble vitamin essential for blood coagulation and normal bone mineralization. While most of the benefits of vitamin K were previously attributed to vitamin K1, recent research has identified important benefits for vitamin K2.

    UNIQUE Vitamin K2 ™


    UNIQUE OMEGA E+® Unique, comprehensive approach to cardiovascular health and healthy blood pressure. Designed by leading nutrition and medical experts, UNIQUE OMEGA E+® provides a novel, strategic formulation of omega-3 fatty acids with natural, safe compounds that accentuate and expand its benefits.


  • IronUp® Liquid Iron Supplement

    IronUp® Liquid Iron Supplement is a great-tasting, concentrated, and bioavailable source of iron, formulated to help improve iron status in infants, children, and adults who need or prefer a liquid iron supplement that tastes good.

    • Great-Tasting Grape Flavored Liquid Iron Supplement
    • Bioavailable Source of Iron
    • Concentrated for a Smaller Daily Dose of Liquid
    • Contains only Natural Flavors & Sweeteners
    • Gluten & Casein-Free
  • Aqua-E®

    Aqua-E ® is liquid water-soluble micellized vitamin E formulated for enhanced absorption. Aqua-E utilizes a microsphere absorption technology that micellizes vitamin E to improve absorption, by enclosing the lipophilic portion inside hydrophilic spheres that facilitate the transport and absorption in the body.


  • UNIQUE E® Natural Moisturizing Cream, Coconut Scented

    Natural Moisturizing Cream – Unique, novel formulation combines excellent skin moisturizing with strong anti-aging and wellness benefits. UNIQUE E® Natural Moisturizing Cream – Coconut Scented formula using ALL-NATURAL ingredients including Mixed Tocopherols, Tocotrienols and Vitamins A & D. Provides lasting moisturizing effects, keeps the skin soft, supple, and smooth feeling all day. Guaranteed NO harsh chemicals, sulfates, parabens, dyes, phthalates, or petrochemicals (no petrolatum, mineral oil, or paraffin).

  • Apre Probiotic

    APRE PROBIOTIC™ is the first probiotic to include natural ingredients that help reduce pathogens (“bad” bacteria) in the gut (stomach and intestines) while supporting healthy bacteria. It also provides nutrients needed to help these bacteria grow and flourish.

    Apre Probiotic

  • B-Lipids

    BLOOD LIPIDS ™ – Homeostasis – In the United States, 95 million adults (> 20yo) have total cholesterol (TC) levels greater than 200 mg/dL (“borderline” high cholesterol); 29 million have TC levels greater than 240 mg/dL (high cholesterol); and, 7% of US children have high cholesterol. Elevated low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C), reduced high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) and a reduction in the TC:HDL-C ratio are associated with compromised cardiovascular health and function. Changes in cholesterol levels and in particular those deviating from “the norm,” are the result of diet/lifestyle, obesity, genetics and/or an underlying condition. The ingredients in ACG’s Blood Lipid formula offer a comprehensive and effective approach for promoting and maintain healthy cholesterol levels within the normal range.


  • Bone/Joint

    BONE & JOINT™ – MOBILITY • FLEXIBILITY • RANGE OF MOTION – Through overuse, injuring or aging, the processes that promote bone and joint health can be come compromised. In the process, comfort and comfortable moment also wane. Using peer-reviewed and published data, ACG’s Bone and Joint formula contains ingredients that have been shown to support the multiple function necessary to encourage and maintain proper bone and joint function.


  • B-Sugar

    BLOOD SUGAR™ – Multiple Mechanisms of Action – Sugar and in particular glucose come from the foods that we eat and is the main source of energy required by the liver, fat and skeletal muscle cells. Circulating levels of glucose in the blood (“blood sugar”) are regulated by insulin produced by the pancreas. Insulin helps breakdown glucose to be used by the cells and thus removes it from circulation. If the pancreas does not produce enough insulin then glucose remains and builds up in the blood. High levels of blood sugar over an extended period of time can be detrimental to overall health. More than 100 million U.S. adults (> 20yo) have elevated blood sugar levels and in 2012, the total direct and indirect estimated cost of diagnosed high blood sugar levels in the United States was $245 billion.


  • Blood Pressure

    BLOOD PRESSURE / HYPERTENSION™ – Homeostasis – Blood pressure (BP) is the measure of the pressure exerted on arterial walls by the force (primarily) of the beating heart: its maximum with one beat (systolic, SBP) and minimum in between two beats (diastolic, DBP). A SBP of <120mmHg and DSP <80mmHg (< “120/80”) is ideal; 120/80 to 139/89 is considered “prehypertensive”; and anything above, high BP or hypertension. Sustained hypertension is detrimental to the cardiovascular system and over time, can lead to heart attack, stroke and a compromised life span.

    Blood Pressure


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